About Shed / Contact us

You can contact us by emailing:  shedpresspublications@gmail.com

or write to us at : Amelie Genestine-Charlton + Jessica Charleston, Bow Arts Studios, 183 Bow Rd, London, E3 2SJ.

Amelie Genestine-Charlton and Jessica Jane Charleston founded Shed Press Publications in 2010 on Cheshire Street, London.

Their first publication Next-to-Nothing, a book of 9 poems by David Charleston, was launched in December 2011. Next-to-Nothing is a limited edition of 102, set and printed on their Adana Press. Each page is hand-torn and each book is lovingly hand-bound. The book also contains five original photographs that have been hand-printed in their Dark-Shed.

Shed Press create books that are unique, original and hand-made using their Adana presses, flower presses, Dark-Sheds, Lithographic press, paper and thread. Shed Press strive to build books that are irreplaceably wonderful.

Shed Press created their first publication ‘Next-to-Nothing’ in their kitchen, in their Bow Arts live/work house on Ackroyd drive in Mile End, on an 8 x 5 Adana Press. Amelie found the press in an abandoned hospital, along with some type.

Isis and Adana

‘Next-to-Nothing’ is a book of 9 poems by David Charleston and 5 hand-printed black and white photographs, developed by Jess in the Dark-Shed.

The photographs were mounted in each of the 102 books.

Business cards were made on a 5 x 3 Adana (generously donated by Geoff Clark to The Emporium, now pinhole pioneers: www.pinholepassportbooth.com)

and lino invitations were printed.

Two book launches were held for ‘Next-to’Nothing’. The first was in December 2011 at David Charleston’s second hand bookshop, The Open Road in Suffolk: www.theopenroadbookshop.wordpress.com and the second, in London, March 2012, at TYPE: www.typeeast.com

Our beautiful book

David Charleston

Reading 'Next - to - Nothing'

After the launch of ‘Next-to-Nothing’, Shed invested in a Flat Bed Adana Press and lots more type, which belonged to Leslie Bell. Les was introduced to us by Jamie Dodds, the incredible artist and founder of Jardine Press: www.jardinepress.co.uk


And we now have a studio with the Bow Arts Trust where all the presses, including the Lithographic Press are housed.

A & J chairs




Flat Bed

Adana 8 x 5

Studio printing

And now we are onto our second book and other wonderful things.

Open Studios

Shed Press cards

Book 2 cards


One thought on “About Shed / Contact us

  1. So pleased to see the mini Adana in use again – brought back many memories. What an undertaking to produce a book – well done.
    From Geoff, an occasional visitor to the Whitton Emporium with some of the contents of my loft (once a dark room)!!

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