Letterpress and Bookbinding workshops

Jess Amelie Shed

Amelie and Jessica Shed

Amelie and I were in our freezing cold studio yesterday (those two radiators pictured do nothing). We spent the day sorting through pies and pies of type and eating a lot of chocolate mini eggs and drinking coffees. We are both exhibiting and leading workshops at makeready in Watford (Attico Arts Centre). The programme has been announced, visit the makeready website to see. I will be leading a letterpress workshop on Monday 4 April and Amelie will be leading a bookbinding workshop on Thursday 7 April, 6-8pm. There are a maximum of 10 places and workshops cost £5 per person. I hope you can join us for the exhibition Private View and Launch Party on the Saturday 2 April, 4-11pm. We have a few of the letterpress invites left too, let us know if you want one: shedpresspublications@gmail.com, they are all wonky in their own beautiful way.

makeready invites

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