Open Shed 2015

Amelie and JessicaAmelie Shed and Jessica Shed

Welcome to Shed

The door to our studio, we share the space with Greg too (have we told you about him? He’s a very good painter and Amelie’s bro. His website is:

Arab and Litho

We got a new press ! An Arab treadle press (left of the litho). It is such an upgrade from the flat-bed Adana press.

Arab and Jessica

Here it is from the side. What a wheel. 

Shed books Books and nipping pressOpen Stu invites

Books etc of Shed

Aren’t these photos good! Well, they were taken by photographer Siyu Chen. We HIGHLY recommend her. Have a look at Siyu’s beautiful website:

Back to Shed:

We had a very wonderful Open Studios 2015. Thank you to everyone who joined us and sorry if you found out too late (sorry if you are finding out right now by reading this post). See you next year!

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