Tower and Tales Story Festival, Lismore

We had an incredible weekend in Lismore for the Towers and Tales Story Fest. Children and adults alike joined in to print and bind their very own book.

Towers and Tales

Books in trees!Amelie bookbinder

Amelie readying herself for a bookbinding demo

Adana Printing

Never before has the 5 x 3 Adana worked so hard! It didn’t get as sunburnt as Amelie and I did though.

Letterpress bunting

Very last minute letterpress bunting! Yes, that’s right letterpress express. Letterexpress.

Book binding  Socks on fire


Some very happy children with their very own gorgeous hand printed hand bound books!

5 x 3 press

In the end, the little press spent most of the time on the ground so the children could use it easily.

Shed Press 2

We had SO much fun. Thank you Towers and Tales, especially Maura O’Keefe and Will Burlington.

It was joyous!

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