Shed Press @ Pop Up Circus and Look Out Ireland

Alexis Deacon using Adana 5 x 3 press

Above: Alexis Deacon taking part in a bit printing, during Jessica’s Cat Circus exhibition last year

We are bloody DELIGHTED to be taking part in the very first Lismore Story Festival Towers and Tales in glorious Ireland this Saturday 18 April 2015. We will be demonstrating how a 5 x 3 Adana Press works and doing a spot of book binding too. So, if you happen to be passing through Lismore castle this Saturday do pop by and get involved in some printing and binding. For more info, have a look at their website: There is a fantastic line-up, including the fantastic illustrator Chris Riddell.

Also, we forgot to let you know, but we stood up and sang (by sang, I mean spoke) about Shed for Pop-Up Circus back in early March. It was really good to speak about what we do. Here are a few lines from the talk that were especially nice:

1. The name Shed Press came from the place where we were living. It was more or less a refrigerator in the shape of a Shed just off Brick lane.

2. We wanted to produce beautiful books from scratch, entirely handmade, handprinted, handbound, without computers.

3. Setting up a poem (or any piece of writing on an Adana Press) is a came of Tetris and patience. Each individual piece of type is hand-set into the metal chase, backwards. You have to think carefully about the kerning of the words, carefully adjusting the spacing between each character. Every tiny piece of metal and wood effects the structure of the work. This is what takes the longest, you can set up a poem, proof-print it and realise that two of the s’s are upside down and the e is the wrong way round or that one of the pieces of wooden furniture in the chase is 1mm thinner than the other 8. All these tiny things take time and make a huge difference to the finished piece.

Nearly time to press flowers again! Happy Spring!

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